Apple cake

I don't consider myself a good baker, in fact, I don't enjoy it that much, but I tend to bake when I have to contribute to the school's bake sale or when my girls have birthdays. Specially my oldest girl likes best when I bake a cake than when I buy it. I learned this recipe because I used to have an apple tree and every september I got so many that I baked and froze apple cakes like crazy.

I bought one liter, ready to use, vanilla sauce. I turned my oven to  347 °F (175°C) . Then I took 8.8 onz (250 gr) of butter and 17.6 oz (500 gr) of sugar and melt it together with the vanilla sauce. I didn't let it cook, just warm enough for the ingredients to melt and mix together. Then I let it cool down to room temperature.  On another bowl, I sifted 1.76 lb (800 gr) of flour and 6 teaspoons of baking powder as well as 3 ts. of vanilla sugar. I mixed the room tempered vanilla sauce bowl with the dry bowl. Then I took the mix into 2 baking pans of around 11 inch of diameter (30 cm) and then I took 4 big apples, washed them, peeled them and cut them into pieces. It's important to have the apple bites free from any water because if not, the cake dough will separate from the apples at the baking time. It tastes just as good, but I doesn't look that nice.  I decorated the surface of the cakes with the apples and I had cinnamon and sugar over it. Then I baked the cakes for 40 minutes until brown and good.


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